Share your inspiration.

Photos, drawings, anything that can help give an idea of the type of look you are going for will help make a better custom creation for you. Feel free to bring along anything that helps you to communicate the look, feel or style of what you're looking for.

Take a look at the collections. 

The pieces in the collections can be customized to fit your personality. Hem length changes, adding or removing sleeves--the sky is the limit. Making changes to an existing design to suit your personality is a great way to get a custom look that is all your own. View past collections here.


Ask for a copy of someone else's design. 

Sometimes you just fall in love with something and it is hard to get it out of your head, but Knieriem Designs is not in the business of making copies. Sharing a photo for inspiration is great (and highly encouraged!) but asking for an exact copy is not.

Hold Back.

The more you share during the process, the better the design will be. It is your job to give us your vision, it is our job to make that vision come to life.