'Owning' Your Small Biz

It's everything I wanted it to be and more, and sometimes it's nothing like I want it to be. That's the basic truth of being a small business owner. I have to be everything for this company, because it is just me. This is awesome in many ways and terrifying in others. Awesome because I get to learn new skills, branch out and try new things --and terrifying for those exact same reasons. It's all on me, success or failure. When I originally started KD it was because I wanted to focus on my passion of making high quality, unique clothing that made people feel amazing. Now more than ever that is still the case, but it's also because I actually enjoy the other aspects of being an entrepreneur, despite how scary it can be. 

A sale falls through or a marketing campagin doesn't go as planned? It's on me. Make a mistake in Quickbooks and the taxes are wrong? My bad too. But, delivering an order to a customer who loves it? I'll take it! That feeling when I get to wrap up an order in pretty paper and write a little note to my amazing clients? Awesome. Watching the traffic numbers climb on my brand new website that I made all myself? The best. 

Starting this business has been harder than I ever imagined and I've learned so much (and still have much more to learn!). I still worry about annoying my family, friends and clients with too many posts on the KD facebook page, or who might notice a technical glitch on the website (p.s. shoutout to all my beta testers and eagle-eyed friends who help me catch these things!), or offending someone with a blog post that doesn't quite convey my sarcasm or playful snark in the way I intended. But I think over time, I'm learning that this is a journey and it is about how I want to create it rather than what I should do or what the 'rules' are. 

With support from all the amazing people around me I've been able to learn how to do this my way. Whether it's the infinite number of phone calls to my mom to remind me yet again how that quickbooks entry is supposed to work, or talking through challenges and constructive critiques with the many amazing lady bosses in my life (looking at you, Monika & Meagan!), or the endless times my husband reminds me that I can and am doing this just fine. The biggest lesson I've learned so far is that if this is going to be my business and my baby, I've got to own it and allow it to be unapologetically me in order to give my best to the clients I love so much. 

How do you show up and own your business? What advice or guidance have you been given or wish you'd been given along the way to help you do that? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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