No More Notifications, Please.

If you know me, you know I love to support other local small businesses. The internet is a great place to find and support new small businesses. While the internet is a great place for small businesses in some regards, it can be really challenging behind the scenes. Social media and all that it offers (free advertising! promotional opportunities! brand visibility!) are great, but there are a lot of challenges too. Social media for small business seems like a cinch at face value, but all of the algorithms and insights, likes and comments can really be a lot to keep up with.

That's why Instagram's latest algorithm change is such a big deal to those of us using it to promote our businesses. We rely on people engaging with our social media pages to bring us up that algorithmic ladder so that our posts can be seen by those of you who have decided to follow us. When companies change the way you see posts, it means a total regroup on the strategy of posting for business. Bigger companies that already have thousands of likes or followers, don't have to compete as hard as a small business with only a few hundred. This means that smaller companies end up sending more time on social media trying to get their content seen by their followers to an ever-diminishing return, some abandon the strategy all together. That is why engagement is so important.

You're thinking, why is she telling me this? It's not to complain or make anyone feel bad. Its just a friendly reminder that if you like something on social media by one of your favorite companies, big or small, comment, like, react, whatever you want to call it...just engage with them. This provides valuable feedback and helps you to keep seeing the things you love from the companies you love. If you're engaging online with the brands that you want to hear from, you will continue to see their posts AND you'll even be more connected to that company. The feedback you provide with every like or comment can shape the way that company reaches out, both online and off.

The algorithms in play on most major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and soon to be Instagram) show you posts based on what it thinks you like most, a.k.a. the things you comment on or like. That is why you see more of your best friend's dog photos than say, that one girl from middle school's status updates. It's their way of combing through your feed to provide what they think is most relevant to you. You tell the algorithm what to show you by engaging with the posts.

So, rather than asking you to turn on yet another notification to pop on your screen, I'm asking for your engagement. If I post something you love, like it and tell me why! I love hearing from you all, and I'm excited to keep creating more new and awesome stuff.