International Women's Day

Today is a day that is very important to me. Women all over the world are celebrating each other and lifting each other up, as only women know how to do. Here in the U.S. we're also striking. Striking for the ability to keep our healthcare, access to birth control, for equal pay and for paid parental leave (for women AND men!) among other things. 

I'm participating because I have been so privileged throughout my entire life. I have never had to wonder if I could go to a doctor or if I'd be able to pay for my medications. As a child I never really had any real restrictions placed on me simply because I was a girl. I was able to go to college. As an adult I had the amazing fortune to meet a man who knows how valuable women are and how to treat them with love and the utmost respect, who treats me in every regard as a true partner. As an American woman, I was able to quickly and easily start a business that allows me to do something I love. Everywhere I turn I am surrounded with how fortunate my life has been. This is not to say that it's all luck, I've worked hard, but I'm not blind to the fact that my circumstances have afforded me many, many opportunities. 

When I think about all this, I am struck hard by how many women don't have the same opportunities as I do. How many girls are told "No." only because they're female. How many women are denied proper healthcare or have to choose between paying for healthcare and paying for food for their families. How many qualified women are making less than their male counterparts in the same job. This happens here in my own back yard. Every day. 

That's why today a portion of all sales of the Satin Eleanor Swing Dress will go to Planned Parenthood. An organization that reminds us that we're all equal, that everyone deserves quality healthcare and that women's rights are human rights. 

That being said, it is International Women's Day after all  so I want to thank all of the amazing women in my life who've taught me what hard work is, who've lifted me up and supported KD and who continue to show me every day how amazing the world is with women in it. I'd also like to thank the men who stand beside us. It is only together that we can make a real difference. Thank you for your strength and determination, and thank you for being you.