Independents Week

Some of you might have heard that the small business community is celebrating Independents Week in addition to Independence Day this week. In the US, we're celebrating our independence as a nation, but also encouraging everyone to show their support for local independent businesses. In the spirit of that celebration, I thought I'd share three of my favorite independent businesses: 

Sarah Marcella Creative - Sarah is my go to photographer. I've known her nearly my whole life, and most of that time she's had a camera in her hands. She works with clients to capture their businesses, families, and events in a unique and creative way. She is probably the friendliest person you'll ever meet and has a knack for making anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, capturing authentic and beautiful moments. She goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are beyond happy and is also passionate about using her considerable talents to give back to her community. Check out her work and book her for your next event/headshot/family portrait here!

She Enlightened - Meagan is the founder of She Enlightened where she works to help bring healing to the world. She's especially passionate about working with women. Her guided meditations are amazing and I feel like her blogs are speaking directly to me. She speaks authentically about issues that many women today face, and works to elevate the voices of those around her in a celebration of diversity. You'll want to subscribe to her emails, every time they hit my inbox I find myself wondering "How did she know I was struggling with this?" and feeling the weight lift from my shoulders as I read her words. 

Functional Physical Therapy - Medicine isn't really something you think of when you think of independent businesses, but I had to mention Gaby. She and her husband recently opened Functional Physical Therapy and I feel like I talk about them to everyone I know, maybe even a little too much. She's not only a fabulous Physical Therapist, Gaby is also a certified women's health & pelvic floor specialist. She helps women with issues that often go undiagnosed, untreated, and unmentioned. Her passionate, no-nonsense attitude about normalizing women's health issues is truly helping her make a difference. Her authentic and straightforward approach to her work - everything from sexual health and wellness to postpartum care and recovery - makes physical therapy accessible and comfortable to all her patients. 

I hope you'll join me this week (and beyond!) in taking a closer look around your community to find independently owned businesses to support. Not just with your dollars, though those are important, but also with your words. Any small business owner can tell you how absolutely invaluable personal recommendations, genuine feedback, and word of mouth are. So the next time you see an opportunity to recommend a great local business, speak up! Take 5 minutes to leave a Yelp review when you've had a particularly great experience. Use social media to shout out your favorite businesses to let your friends know how amazing they are. Stop by that new little shop hosting a grand opening down the street and check them out. It won't go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

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