Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year is when we're all supposed to reflect on what we're grateful for. This year I am especially grateful for all of YOU. I am so grateful for the community of people around me, both in person and online, who have been rooting for KD over the last few years and especially the last few months as the new collection launched. I couldn't do it all without you. 

I am also overwhelmingly grateful for the small business community. Being surrounded by individuals who are working at their dreams every day, running amazing shops and online stores, working weekends, and just generally hustling to make it all come together truly feeds my soul. These businesses of ours are not easy and they're not always fun, but they are worth it.  It is inspiring to know you, to work with you, and to watch as we all grow together. 

Shop Small

In that same vein, I wanted to let you all know a bit of what happens behind the scenes when you support a small business. Whether you're shopping with KD or another independently owned business, you are supporting a community of hard working, devoted people who are pouring their heart and soul into their shops. You are spending money that will now stay in your community, and much of which will go to other small businesses. For every $100 spent in small businesses roughly $68 stays in that community, enriching the local economy. What's more, small businesses give about 250% more to non-profits than larger companies.

Small businesses have chosen to invest in their communities. Choosing a location to establish your business is not something considered lightly. There is a real person behind that storefront or website who wants to do their best every day for their community by bringing value to their customers, creating jobs, and sharing their passion with everyone they interact with. 

By shopping at independently owned businesses this holiday season you are not only checking off gifts on your list, you're investing in your community too. I hope you'll join me as I #ShopSmall this holiday season!


If you're looking to start your shopping, be sure to sign up for the KD mailing list and follow us on Instagram. There will be a special surprise popping up on 11/24!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love!