An Open Letter

If you've been around these parts before, you'll know that I am pretty passionate about doing your own thing, being unapologetically yourself and I'm not a huge fan of "must-do's" or rules in weddings, clothing or everyday life in general. So, when I saw this tweet from Leslie Jones saying that no one would dress her for her Ghostbusters premiere, I was pretty peeved.

First of all, who said that designers MUST design in size 0 always, forever and ever, until the end of time? For all those out there who didn't attend fashion school, yes, we are taught to design on reeeeeally small dress forms, but I assure you, we are given all the knowledge we need to design for more than a 26 inch waist. There is no reason that as trained PROFESSIONALS, who have supposedly mastered our craft, that we can't design outside of those constraints. It's pure laziness to deny someone based on size and what's worse, it's just a poor business practice that is downright stupid.

To me, being a designer means that you are constantly working to master your craft and better your skills. This means taking on new challenges, doing things you've never done before and thinking outside the box (we are supposed to be creatives, right??) and doing it all with your own personal flair. And I'm sorry, but if you think dressing a woman whose body type is outside of that 26 inch waist is a "challenge", maybe this isn't the field for you. 

I make custom clothing, this means that there isn't a size on almost anything I make. Everything is made to the unique body and measurements of my client, there is no right or wrong there, its just what they are. I have clients who apologize to me for their bodies when telling me what they're looking for. I hate that we feel the need to apologize for the perfectly wonderful body we have simply because it doesn't fit the so-called "desired look". My job as a custom designer is to use my expertise to respond to your needs and come up with something that makes you feel amazing. There's no fine print below that says that only applies to those with specific measurements.

So ladies, let's stop apologizing for having the body we have and instead focus that energy on doing things that make us feel like the best version of ourselves. And, to all the celebrities out there (I totally know you all are avidly reading this blog...) if a designer says they can't or won't work with you because you don't fit their sizes, I suggest you find a real designer that has the skills to give you something totally amazing. And, the next time you're in D.C. I would be beyond honored to dress any of you.