Accessories and Customization: Lovely Little Details!

Wedding day accessories are the perfect way to add some lovely little details to your look. Depending on what is special for you, there are tons of ways to get creative. 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate tradition, there are endless ways to weave in something old, new, borrowed and blue. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to show off those lovely little details.

Your Flowers -- Wedding bouquets can be so beautiful, but who says they have to be made of real flowers? Take a spin on the traditional bouquet and make it meaningful to you. Paper flowers made of love letters to your intended, real or fabric flower pomanders (keeps your hands free!), or forgo flowers altogether in favor of carrying something more meaningful to you. Check our our floral pomanders here!

Your Mom's Wedding Dress -- It's a wedding cliché that everyone's heard at some point. Your mother's gown might not be your style, but if she's cool with some creative repurposing, there are endless possibilities! Wrap your bouquet in the fabric of her gown or even make some fabric flowers and weave them into your bouquet. If your partner is inclined to wear a pocket square, what better to make it out of than a length of the skirt? Does the dress have pretty buttons or beading? Dress up simple wedding shoes or add some bling to your bouquet with them! Do you think you might need a handkerchief to wipe away the tears of joy? Add a little bit of her lace to a basic hankie to make it more special and feel "bridal".

DIY not your thing, but still want to pay some homage to Mom? Recreate one of her wedding photos on your day to create a special memory that both you and she can look back on. 

Gifted Items -- Someone special has given you something meaningful, and you want to have it with you on the big day but you're not sure how to work it into what you've already got going on. Is your grandmother's brooch totally lovely, but not at all your style? My advice: think outside the box! That brooch could work well to decorate your clutch or go old school and clip a handkerchief to an inner layer of your skirt for just in case. Got an heirloom tie pin, but wearing a bow tie? If it works with your look, pin it to your lapel! And remember, just because it was a gift doesn't mean you have to feel obligated to wear it, wear what makes you happy!

Garters -- Garters can be a fun way to include a theme or special nod to your future spouse. The colors of your partner's favorite sports team, a meaningful quote written on the ribbon or a nod to their favorite hobby with a charm. A client once asked for a Star Wars themed "May the Force Be With You" garter with a Tinkerbell charm sewn to the bow to meld together her husband's love of Star Wars with her love of Tinkerbell. The sky is the limit!

Incorporating things that are considered traditional in nontraditional ways is a great way to blend the old with things more modern!

As for the dress, there are SO many ways to customize a wedding dress. Here at KD, I work with people to create from start to finish a custom look. Everything, from the patterns to the fabric to the buttons are hand selected to work with the design. 

There are other ways to customize your clothing without having an entire gown custom made. Adding a bolero jacket, beaded cape or removable overlay can transform your look and give you a way to spice up your dress by adding or removing pieces between the ceremony and reception. Custom sashes, pins or even a detachable train are easy ways to make your look unique. 

What is your favorite way to make your look your own? Leave a note in the comments below!