How Does it Work?

One of the biggest questions I get about what I do is "How does it really work?"

I thought it was time for a closer look at how you get a truly custom look with KD. Since I work most often with brides, I'll give you an idea of how that process works. Don't worry if you're not a bride and still want a custom look, the process is largely the same!

My job is to help my clients explore their creativity and use my expertise to come up with a look that is even more than they ever expected. 

The first step is to get an overall idea of what you're looking for. I want to know everything about your wedding or occasion. Colors, location, time of day/year are all important. Also important is the feel that you're going for. I want to know if you want to feel like a princess or if maybe badass chic is more your style. Knowing these bits of information help me to understand the whole picture. 

Next, it's time to talk inspiration. There's tons of it out there, especially for weddings. It's important to narrow down your inspiration photos and materials to a small, curated collection. I help my clients do this by putting together a bigger picture as I get to know them of what their day is going to look like and how to best weave in their inspiration and style. After talking through any inspiration photos or other materials things start to get really interesting. It's important to note here that not all my clients come to me with a complete picture of exactly what they want in their heads, and that is 100% fine! It is my job to take all the inspiration and feedback and combine it into something amazing and just for them. 

The drawings are up next. One of the best parts of what I do as a designer is taking someone's "...does that make sense?" or " you know what I mean?" statements and giving them a visual representation of what' they're seeing in their mind's eye. Capturing that feeling into a sketch can help my clients to see their vision coming to life. Like I said before, not everyone comes to me with a complete look defined in detail in their head. Part of the fun for me is spinning their inspiration into things they never even thought of.

During this time, I'll make several sketches of potential styles and work with clients on what elements they love and which they can do without to arrive at a final design. This process is interactive, so the client can feel free to give their thoughts or suggestions to make sure their design is truly representative of them. This is the time to explore ideas and really personalize your look. 

After arriving on a final design, it's time for the first fitting. This is the time where I'll take the initial measurements and start making the pattern. This usually mean's you'll get to try on the beginnings of a prototype garment or drape, which is a really cool method where you'll see the garment start to take shape right in front of you.

There will be several fittings as the garment takes shape, these will help you to see how the garment looks and feels, and will ensure that it fits perfectly. During this time, we'll also fine-tune the choices for all the fabrics and other elements like beading or detailing that your look might require. We can also discuss any accessories or other details that you might like to add to cap off your perfect look. 

After the final fitting, I'll make sure all the finishing touches are in place and hand deliver your dress!

After all that, I've got to ask...what questions do you have for me? I'd love to answer them in the comments below!