So, You Just Got Engaged


The holidays are a great time of year for engagements. I’m not sure of the statistics, but I’d wager that a ton of engagements happen in December. With families gathered together and all that holiday cheer, it makes for the perfect timing!

So, now that New Year’s has come and gone...what do you do NOW?

Getting started with wedding planning can seem both overwhelming and truly exciting. First things first, take time to celebrate this happy time. You may want to jump into planning, but taking time to celebrate this milestone is truly important, after all it is a big deal!


Here is KD's Getting Started Checklist for Wedding Planning:

  1. Talk through your big day with your intended.

    Take time to talk through and listen to each other about how you picture your wedding day. This is more about how you want it to look and feel rather than specific, nitty-gritty details. Have you always pictured an intimate, dreamy garden with just your closest friends and family? or, is your heart set on a wedding bash with everyone out on the dance floor? Are there any traditions or specific activities that you’ve always pictured would be involved? These things will help set your vision and this time for dreaming will help you move on to step 2.
  2. Clearly define what is truly important to you as a couple to have on your wedding day.

    This is different for every couple, but defining this will help you to know where to allocate your budget. If making sure that there is amazing food and a great bar is a top priority, you’ll know that finding a caterer is at the front of your to-do list. If the location is the most important thing for you (destination wedding, anyone?) then that might be the thing that you spend your time and resources on. For every wedding, there are certain details that are the centerpiece of the day, focus on those things and try not to stress over the other parts too much. Knowing where you stand for 1 & 2 will help you greatly with the next step:

  3. Define a timeline and a budget.

    After you’ve figured out the big picture parts of your wedding, a picture should start forming that helps to narrow down the time of year for your event and gives you an idea of what kind of budget you’re looking at. This step can be difficult, since unlimited budgets and wedding planning rarely go hand-in-hand, however with all the wedding resources and DIY inspiration out there, there’s usually a way to make it happen. By using steps 1 & 2 to get the big picture in place, you now have a roadmap to dive into planning.

Using these 3 steps should help you get started when you dive into planning. Don’t hesitate to revisit these steps as you move through the process, it’s important to be flexible and to refine your ideas to help plan your big day!