Best Laid Plans: Part III

For the third and final installment of this series we're talking to a few brides with their best stories from their big day.

Andrea just celebrated her first anniversary and was kind enough to share her story.

Christina with Knieriem Designs was a pleasure to work with during my wedding planning process. She did a fantastic job designing my veil for my wedding. It was everything I was looking for and couldn't wait to show it off and let it complement my lace, fit and flare gown.

The problem arose when the weather for our November 1st wedding turned cold and windy. We had looked at our wedding venue the year prior in the last few days of October and the garden area and pergola showed beautifully. We couldn't wait to have our ceremony there, outdoors under the willow trees. We thought, the weather would be perfect this time of year! Look how amazing it is today!

Well fast track 1 year later, it was a misty, windy 50 degrees outside. Still, we had our hearts set on our outdoor ceremony. I figured I could just shiver a little bit throughout our 15 minute ceremony for the sake of a beautiful backdrop. Everything was going perfect (besides the cold), the music started playing and my maids started to process. I began walking with my Dad and as soon as I turned the corner to start down the aisle, the wind picked up and my veil went flying across my face, blocking my view of everything! I spent most of the walk to the pergola trying to brush it out of my face, but I could already hear some chuckles from my friends and family. Who could blame them?! It was hilarious.

Then we made it to the end, my soon to be husband came to stand next to my dad and I. The wind turned directions and my veil literally wrapped around all 3 of us! I eventually had my MOH take my veil off for the rest of the ceremony. Luckily we did first look photos prior, which I totally recommend for timing and privacy, so I had a lot of shots of me with my veil. The moral of the story is, things will go wrong! Just chuckle and move on because this is one of the best days of your life! Enjoy every moment, even the bumps. Additionally... invest in veil weights, just in case!

Photo Credit: George Street Photography

Our next bride Erica, has some words of wisdom about how to deal with a pretty major wedding day mishap. Erica writes:

My husband and I had the luxury of a long engagement to make sure that we had all of our wedding planning ducks in a row. The 18-month gap between our engagement and wedding also meant that we had a lot of time to consider what would be the most important to us when the big day came. Photography was high on my list, as I know it is for many other brides! I searched high and low for the perfect photographer inside my perfect budget… and finally found them. When we booked our photographer, my husband and I were both thrilled! They had a fresh, modern style, laid back personalities, a fantastic price tag, and – of course! – beautiful photos. We met with them on a Saturday night and booked them the next afternoon.

Flash forward a couple of months, and things started to fall apart. First, the lead photographer emailed us (and several other couples) to announce that he would be going out of the country on our wedding day. My husband and I were both devastated, because the lead photographer’s unique style was what originally caught our eye. After the promise of quality photos from the team’s secondary photographer as well as an assistant (plus some free prints!), we decided to stay on board. From there, things went fairly smoothly… until our rehearsal dinner.

The secondary photographer came to shoot our rehearsal dinner and, in between whirlwind moments, announced to me that her assistant wouldn’t be able to make it. I was nervous and upset because my husband and I were getting ready at different locations and weren’t doing first looks before our afternoon ceremony, but it was the NIGHT before my wedding. There wasn’t another option! The next day, our photographer was consistently late as she bounced between venues, cut out sections of photos that we really wanted to take with our families and bridal parties, and had no clue where certain locations we had requested to take photos at even were. She missed key photos and actually kept us waiting on more than one occasion throughout the day. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when, after insisting that she drive the two of us to take some photos between our ceremony and reception, our photographer pulled up to the curb with her babysitter in the front seat and her toddler in the middle of her backseat, requesting that the two of us squeeze in on either side of her backseat because she needed directions to the photo location! Luckily, my parents had stayed back to wait with us as all of our guests and bridal party headed to the reception or photo sites, and were able to swoop us up and get us a ride.

Despite the many setbacks and annoyances of the day, many of my wedding photos are truly loved and beautiful, and for that I am thankful!

My advice other brides would be twofold:

1. First, don’t let anyone feel like you are trapped into agreeing to something that wasn’t the original plan! If a vendor signed a contract to provide certain services, then you shouldn’t feel guilty for insisting that you get what you paid for.

2. Focus on the positives of your wedding day! Take the time that you have – and it will go SO FAST – to enjoy your fiancé, your family, and your closest friends. You can’t change the actions of others, but you can always focus on the love, kindness, and happiness that is happening around you! Enjoy your wedding day and your new husband, and don’t worry about the things that you can’t change.