Your Stories: Best Laid Plans Part II

As promised, this week's post is dedicated to stories from fellow brides about the bumps, some big and some small, in their big day and how they dealt with them. 

As I encourage all my brides to do, I turned to the more experienced married ladies in my life for advice on all things marriage and weddings. This post is no different. 

Today's installment comes from two ladies near and dear to me as they share stories from their special day. 

First up, Momma Knieriem shares her big day snafu.

After a beautiful ceremony at church, we headed a short drive away to the reception. After getting there, we realized that one of the groomsmen is missing. After waiting an hour to start the reception, introduce the bridal party and serve dinner, he arrived. As it turned out, he had misplaced his wallet in all the excitement and was desperately trying to find it. If I had the opportunity to do it over again, I wouldn't have held up the reception, but everything moved on and we had a great celebration. 

Momma K's advice for future brides: Don't sweat the small stuff, don't let the "how it should be's" effect how great it actually is. Go with the flow and your day will be perfect. 

Our next story comes from Lydia Rugh, my aunt and fellow fashionista. 

She writes:

On December 11, 1999 I woke up still tired from the night before. I only had 3 months to plan my wedding and I decided to make my wedding cake. Dad baked it for me and I decorated it on the morning of my wedding. I was unable to make my hair appointment. Running a little late to get ready, I drove speedily to my girlfriend's house to get ready. Her house was twenty minutes away and my bridesmaids were already there waiting.

Five minutes away, my car hit a bump in the road and I heard "Pow!". My tire blew and I pulled over. Another driver parked behind me and asked if I was ok. I got out of my car crying with my hair a mess and shouted, "It's my wedding day!!!!!". The kind lady offered me a ride to my friend's home. We left the car on the side of the road. 

As I entered her condo, everyone looked at me and I could tell their thoughts were "What in the world??". My sister-in-law's face was hilarious as she looked at me as if to say "how is she going to get ready?". I truly looked a mess. 

Thanks to my girlfriend Tamara, I was able to get ready. She hurried me into her room and opened her closet. Voila! Her closet was full of beautiful hair pieces. After she was done helping me with my hair I put on my gown. When I stepped out of the room, everyone was completely shocked at the transformation!

We hurried to the church and I got my finishing touches from my friend Gail with the makeup! The wedding was scheduled for 11:30 and we actually started at 11:40. Whew!

My dad took my hand to walk me down the aisle, his hand was shaking but he held my hand tightly. As we walked down the aisle, I tripped but no one saw it because the dress covered it all. Also, no one really paid attention because my soon to be husband was bawling at the altar. All eyes on the groom, none on the bride!

It was a beautiful ceremony. After everything was over, Rob, my new husband and I rode in the limo to the hotel for the family reception. I slept and snored the whole ride. I was exhausted. It was a wonderful evening. 

(Editor's note: I had the good fortune to be present on this amazing day, and no one could tell she'd had such a trying morning, AND she isn't kidding about all eyes being on the groom. It was a beautiful display of emotion and such a heartwarming ceremony.)

Lydia's advice to future brides: 1)To prevent stress on your special day, keep in mind that you are marrying the man of your dreams. Marrying Rob was more important to me than the flowers arriving on time. Whatever could have gone wrong, marriage would still happen. 

2)In preparing for the wedding, be sure to prepare for the marriage relationship as well. Pursue premarital counseling, study books about marriage and communication. Preparation had set the standard for us to maintain a healthy marriage of 15+ years and I am looking forward to the bright future ahead. 

A huge thank you to both ladies for being an example of how great marriage can be, for their stories and to Lydia for the photos!

Next week's final installment will have just a few more stories and a lot more advice from some recently married ladies about their #BestLaidPlans!